For groups, leaders or managers or individual coachings

“Leadership is the ability to translate your vision into action.”

For leaders and managers

from a manager, we form a team leader.

We support both experienced and new managers in order to !!! perform this delicate function in the best way. Managing people is a very rewarding, but also very difficult job. Often torn between two hierarchical levels, it takes skill to motivate teams to achieve the company’s objectives.

Management models have evolved: the time is no longer for control but rather for inspiration, coordination, giving everyone the power they deserve and making sense of their job. How can we become this inspiring and legitimate leader, who will guide the company towards success while ensuring the development of workers?

For groups

from a group we form a team.

Building a successful team is not just putting a handful of people together and hoping that magic will work.
A real team is created when everyone is perfectly integrated, carries out its mission in the right place, feels in harmony with its expectations and values.

If each individual can be fully operational, fulfilled, without fear or blockages, then the positive energy developed by the team will be such that everyone will enjoy working together and exceed expectations.


from an individual we train a collaborator.

Are you a new team member, are you discovering a new function, a new team? It’s not always easy to integrate. And even without changing functions or companies, there are periods of questioning and change, when we need to take stock of what we are doing there.

Getting to know yourself better, taking some time to define your own objectives, defining your values and motivation keys will allow you to take your right place in the company. And even if sometimes the solution is elsewhere, let’s recognize that it saves everyone time and energy not to see a disoriented team member.

For individuals

find meaning, clarify your objectives.

Vous Do you want to change careers, retrain completely or reorient yourself? You have a business creation project, you don’t know where to start? You are experiencing tensions at work, or in your team, and you want to understand and clarify this situation, be helped to overcome a particular difficulty?

Here too, you will find among our team a friendly ear and helpful advice to help you do so.

The road to success is still under construction. We help you step by step, to chart this road. Specific objectives will help you focus your energy on the right action.