the energy of change

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inspiring and initiating change to address individual and corporate challenges

from inspiration to action

Lead the way, from a manager we create a leader

lead the way

from a manager we create a leader

work together

from a group, we form a team
We want companies that are efficient, but human. Companies that respect people, their uniqueness, their values and their dreams. Companies that assume their social responsibility and act accordingly.
Putting people back at the centre of the debate and unlocking their full potential and added value by giving meaning to their actions.



Address deadlocks, revisit and go beyond the limits of the framework, define your objectives, stimulate reflection, with the sole aim of putting you in action and unleashing your full potential.

Training courses

Lead teams further, develop skills through customized programs where support and practice play an essential role.


Lead teams further, develop skills through customized programs where support and practice play an essential role.

Interim Management

To support a team in creation, respond to temporary resources need, give a new impulse while implementing changes or developing new dynamics.

Human resources

Recruiting, developing talent, supporting career plans and flexibility of employees. Rethinking the link between individuals and the organization.


Clarify new choices, create a new activity, set up new group dynamics. In a constantly changing world, we support you in a concrete and tangible way over the long term, in order to initiate this process.

Filip Grisar

Filip Grisar

Quantum founder, coach & trainer

“In the course of our activities, we are increasingly confronted every day with people who seek to give meaning to their daily lives. Whether at work, in relationships or in life in general. With the team we are implementing different approaches according to the challenges to enable us to create a new dynamic where the meaning given allows us to be in co-creation”.

Where the energy flows

Dreamt of by Filip, designed by Laurence, Quantum Space is the combination of 2 passions. A space for your events, training, meetings, surrounded by green nature just a stone's throw from Brussels. A cosy and warm place designed to take the time to settle down, co-create, invent, organize, meet, communicate, change, recharge, refocus...
Quantum Space

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