From the corporate world to literature

De la conserve à la haute mer

Behind those who exercise a leadership role is a father or a mother, a shareholder or an employee, a son or a daughter, who must manage this particularly fragile balance without losing themselves. The generations follow one another and must constantly adapt to the challenges of a changing environment without losing the soul that gives meaning beyond immediate efficiency.

From the Cannery to the High Seas tells the story of a man who lost the freedom to become who he wanted to be. The story speaks of the connection with oneself, with the people around him and with those close to him, both professionally and personally. The five reading keys at the end of the book give an overview of the different aspects to take into account in order to make the switch to a new dynamic.

Filip Grisar is a trainer, consultant and coach of teams and executives. He has international experience in small and large companies. He coaches young entrepreneurs in transition, coaches directors and holds various supervisory positions.

Management models have evolved: the time is no longer for control but rather for inspiration, coordination, giving everyone the power they deserve and making sense of their job. How can we become this inspiring and legitimate leader, who will guide the company towards success while ensuring the development of workers?

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"The world is a book, and each step opens a new page."