About us

Our world is in constant evolution. The smallest of our actions or thoughts can redesign reality. In this environment we are all actors and directors.

The energy of change

Quantum is above all the energy of change, the smallest particle of indivisible energy capable of initiating a new reality.

Quantum works with precision by highlighting the results you want to achieve. By providing you with concrete support, this
energy will become the one that animates you every day.

Thanks to a network of professionals driven by a passion for their profession, Quantum coaches, trains and supports business leaders, team members, teams, managers, business creators and individuals in their personal, group or company challenges.

Our mission

From an individual we create a team member.
From a group, we create a team.
From a manager we train a leader.
From a startup designer we make a business creator.

Putting people back at the centre of the debate and unlocking their full potential and added value by giving meaning to their actions.

Clarify your objectives

Clarify new choices, create a new activity, set up new group dynamics. In a constantly changing world, we support you in a concrete and tangible way over the long term, in order to initiate this process.

the art of alignment

When your values are clear, making decisions becomes simple and obvious.


Filip Grisar

Filip Grisar

Quantum founder, coach & trainer

“In recent years I have had the opportunity to travel a lot in my activities and to meet people from all backgrounds and cultures. From Asia to the United States, via the Middle East and Europe, I was able to realize that the challenge is universal: to give meaning to what we do. »

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